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Some people ask me via comment, How to Fix Error Code e03 on Canon Pixma MP287?? Error Code e03 because Paper Output Tray is closed / paper jam. Cause : Paper Jams ( Jammed Paper ), Paper Output Closed or Opening Paper Output and solution for fix this error code is reload the paper correctly.

How to Fix Error Code e03 on Canon Pixma MP287

Check the rollers roll of paper may be paper are stuck, can also pieces of plastic with a small size and cleaning it, or try this methode:

  1. Took a thick piece of paper, from like a paper folder ones, thick enough to go in the printer and not curl up when pushed..
  2. Turned off the printer and turned it back on.
  3. While printer was turning on, and makings sound as it does normally when turning on, I pushed through the piece of paper and the rotors stoped for a millisecond.
  4. The rotors started again and pushed out the paper by it self with out my force.
  5. I let the printer get started. and then turned it off and then on. This solved all of my problems. If this not solved your problem, please go to service center and change the paper jam sensors.

Information about Error Code Canon PIXMA MP287 :
E, 0, 2 or E02 or 02E or 2E0 = The machine is out of paper / paper does not feed.
E, 0, 3 or E03 or 03E or 3E0 = Paper Output Tray is closed / paper jam.
E, 0, 4 or E04 or 04E or 4E0 = The Cartridge cannot be recognised.